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Our History

Adrine Smart Ventures Limited was established in 2012 and incorporated in 2017. Exporting under the Trademark “Adrine Fresh Exports”, we have over seven years of experience and have emerged as a market leader in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables such as Hass and Fuete avocados, bananas and mangoes.

Our quality standards are implemented starting from the sourcing process by working with select partners in farming, which ensures that our supply chain works in accordance with our mission. Our processes are concise which shortens the supply chain. When this is backed up by an efficient logistics system and ultra modern pack houses, it enhances quick, efficient and fresh delivery.





To be the leading supplier of fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables, both locally and internationally.


Timely supply of fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables products for our customer


Our values

Promotion of healthy eating habits.
Sustainable business practice with our stake holders.
Giving value to our customers.
Keeping our promise

Our Processes


We partner with farmers to establish Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) right from the farming process. We also offer extension services to our partners such as soil testing, certified seeds, and water testing to eliminate any harmful ingredients and keep our products safe and healthy. Through the use of approved pest and disease control measures, we keep the farms and products free of harmful organisms that would otherwise compromise the quality of our products.


We sort our produce at approved pack houses and follow the guidelines and requirements et by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) and Horticultural Crops Directorate. These certifications make us globally competitive as we are able to meet set standards for safety and quality of our export products. Our processing facilities ensure safe packaging and efficient freezing line so we are able to maintain high quality of our products. 


Our quality standard measures do not end at packaging: We remain consistent by delivering our products through our client’s choice of transportation. We partner with industrial players in the transport sector to keep the process reliable, efficient, timely and convenient as well as ensuring that it retains the quality of the goods on transit.

Adrine Smart ventures Limited

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